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Biggles in Spain

17.1 Oxford University Press

Published: May-39
Casing: Hardback
Pages: 256

Red boards with black titles and cover vignette of Savoia Marchetti aircraft overflying the Iberian peninsular. Spine lists ‘Oxford’ in plain font. Colour frontispiece by Howard Leigh and 6 b/w illustrations by J Abbey. Pictorial dustjacket, listing to Flies South inside flower border. Book list has 10 titles from Camels are Coming to Biggles Flies North. Red tinting to page tops. Printed by John Johnson. Width 50mm. Priced at 3/6.
variant 17.1a has Oxford on spine in serif font.
variant 17.1b as 17.1 but overpriced at 4/-.

[A replica dustjacket is avaliable for this edition]


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